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Boston’s Trinidad Style Carnival founded 1973 by Ken Bonaparte Mitchell (1942 -2008) & Ivy Ponder (deceased)

Trinidad & Tobago Social Club

Unity Sports Cultural Club

OUR MISSION: Everything we do is driven by love of culture and sharing it with the world. Welcome to the gateway to the Caribbean community and official home of Boston's Trinidad Style Carnival. Here, you connect to all things Caribbean - Organizations, Restaurants, DJ's, Steel bands, Events calendar, Community radio stations, and links to events associated with the annual Trinidad Style Carnival, such as: Mass Camps, Parade Band Launchings, SOCA Fetes, Concerts, Art Galleries and Ticket Giveaways. And yes, our annual signature event Face Mask Jouvert Cruise around Boston Harbor - SOCA, Calypso, a rhythm section, Caribbean catered cuisine and Caribbean adult beverage available.

Masqueraders, see links above under PARADE BANDS LINKS, and connect directly to bandleaders for further details, and contact information.

Sponsorship programs, participation in local parades, or promote a business or service here contact us directly - text to 617-512-7803




I recently traveled back to my birth country of Trinidad and Tobago, after being away for over 30 years.

It was journey of rediscovery. The almost 4 week journey culminated in this book “Culture, people, places Trinidad and Tobago” This expedition was not designed to venture to the so called tourist traps, but rather to locations easily accessible by public transportation or foot power.

Twenty days of observing and capturing images which excited the visual cortex, raised question, and made the exploration a beautiful adventure.

The book is laid out in no special order. Beyond careful post product to extract as much detail in each image as is possible and select those best suited fit the narrative of the photographic easy on Trinidad and Tobago.

Culture, People, Places Trinidad & Tobago T-Shirt


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