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Kiddies Carnival - Sun Aug 18,2019

King & Queen Show - Thurs Aug 22, 2019

FACE MASK Cruise - Fri Aug 23, 2019

Jouvert - Sat Aug 24, 2019

Carnival Parade - Sat Aug 24, 2019


Cumm Cross Production (Barbados)

D Midas Int. Boston (Trinidad)

Dynasty Production (Trinidad)

D’ Horizons (Trinidad)

Jab Jab Boston (Grenada)

Imas International (Barbados)

Mudd Band (Trinidad)

Mas Players (Trinidad)

Mirage Mas (Barbados)

Unity Sports & Cultural Assoc. (Caribbean)

Soca & Associates (Trinidad)

SocaHolics (Barbados)

Trinidad & Tobago Social Club (Trinidad)

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Carnival & Steelpan at Boston Public Library 818

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Boston's Trinidad style Carnival: Founded in 1973 by Ken Bonaparte Mitchell 1942-2008

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SOURCE: panonthenet.com 10/6/2018

Wonders of Nature photo
Kendrick Professor Philmore 1959 - 2018


Celebrating the life of Ken Professor Philmore

Ken Professor Philmore - (1959 2018) Pan By Storm

RADIO: Catch Steel Pan City with Vanessa Headley on WACK 90.1FM Sunday 2:00 PM

Jab Jab Boston

Past Presentations

2017 tbd

2016 tbd

2015 tbd

2014 tbd Dorchester, MA

Jab Jab History Grenada

Before emancipation, slaves were forbidden to participate in Carnival, but this never stopped their backyard mas. After the end of slavery, gangs of recently liberated slaves, covered in black grease, molasses, or varnish, took to the streets, and rejoiced in their freedom. Scantily dressed, and sometimes with chains and padlocks around their legs, the former slaves attempted to offend polite society, which they blamed for decades of suffering. Since the Carnival was prettified and commercialized in the late 20th century, these traditional masqueraders have became less visible, their distinctive dances, speeches, and rituals are disappearing. -Full story

Source: The Nutmeg / Face Book 9.3.2018

Jab Jab Mas Boston originallt from Grenada Jab Jab Mas Boston originally from Grenada